Sometimes I Do Things!

When did I draw that last post–Tempus Fugit! You probably think I’ve been sitting here twiddling my thumbs. Well that’s just not fair. Sometimes I make things that are NOT specifically for this blog, which exist nonetheless!



This is a STICKER design I have drawn for Paul Hughes of Blog of Holding, to help promote his awesome Kickstarter Project! That is, to REWARD people who contribute to the project–surely you want a sticker this cool, and other, ALSO COOL stickers drawn by other cool artists! The stickers depict the 5 iconic heroes from the old school Dungeon Master’s Guide. Donate $22+ and you can get these stickers in addition whatever other swag you have earned in your tier!



What’s better than a homebrew campaign world? A homebrew Belgian-style BREW! This is a design for a beer label that I made for Nate of Buy the Farm…Share. A delightful project, and I am pleased with the results! My brain defaults to the fighting-type monks when it comes to D&D, as I played a pretty sweet Githzerai Monk for a while. Check out his blog to look at pretty pictures of the beer, and to read its appealing description! Also you should look at the rest of the blog, but you’ll probably get pretty hungry, as I do when I see and read about delicious foodstuffs.

I’ve been up to some other things in various stages of completion, but this is what I offer tonight. Maybe I’ll put up another scary monster.


Henny Penny

I have been a bit busy of late, and my work has involved looking at a LOT of monster artwork. Bit by bit, I have been growing envious of the skillz possessed by those artists, and finally I snapped! I looked up a couple of tutorials and skipped around in them, and decided to use the tricks to draw that most hideous of creatures: A Chicken in the Nude!

Naked chickens? Super gross. They’re genetically modified to save plucking time, and to pen a bunch together more effectively without overheating, especially in hot climates. I saw them on the news. On the plus side, they look MUCH more like a dinosaur than their feathered kin!

Short Term Memory


U put the U in LUV

So many “SINGLE????” ads on Facebook! I was inspired to draw a picture of the partnered bliss promised by such ads–hints of etsy/vegetarianism/artiness/geekiness from the other banner ads I get helped out, too!


Never Sleep

A beautiful poem can flower from a number of sources! Even a mild complaint on an instant messaging service! Or a stubborn friend who doesn’t listen! Or BOTH!

Scott: Ugh, so tired
Me: There is no cure for that
Scott: ONE cure
Me: Nope–it’s a vicious cycle
Me: The sleep plants the seeds
Me: For future sleepiness
Me: Like how food makes you hungry
Me: The incubation period is many hours
Me: I see why you are confused
Me: It wears off after a few more hours, but by then you already succame to it!
Me: Planting seeds anew
Scott: Hahaha
Me: Poor Scott
Me: Chained to his addictions
Me: Chained to his afflictions
Me: Chained to his ill-placed convictions
Me: Evictions from freedom from sleeping and feeding
Me: Always yawning
Me: Always needing
Me: Never heeding
Me: Anna, his true friend
Me: The end

THEN the fool signed off and went to bed!


MC Frontalot

I just used some of my xmas giftcard $ to buy myself some MC Frontalot tracks, after listening to “Charity Case” on youtube for the twentieth time. (listen to the song, the video is unrelated) Now, I have decided to draw a quick picture of that performer, my all time favorite nerdcore artist:

The shoulders are a little off, and the colors aren’t quite balanced right (my tablet makes everything a little less saturated than my computer’s monitor and yours) but I have a cold I and am going to sleep!

But before I do, let me assure you that you should trust my opinion re: nerdcore music! I am an expert, ever since I wrote a twenty-odd page research paper with an end-of-semester presentation on the subject my senior year of college–which got an A, no less! Gotta love American Studies! AND you’ve gotta love MC Frontalot’s clever and unstoppable lyrical stylings!


I found this charming poem scrawled in my notebook over the weekend, and took some time yesterday to spruce it up with ART.