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Three new small songs!

Some of you may have seen these already, but for those who have not, I have made THREE NEW SONGS! Note: They aren’t about me, unlike Kimbap Baby!

My First St. Patrick’s Day/My First Racism!

Wow! Boston really likes St. Patrick’s Day! I was on the T earlier, and there was nothing to be seen but green and Guinness memorabilia! Green glitter wigs, green headbands, green everything. It makes sense in a city with a historically substantial Irish population, though I doubt most of the yelling college kids I saw today were themselves Irish.

Anyway, this St. Paddy’s day vortex of colleges and pubs that is Boston has inspired me to type up my first St. Patrick’s Day memory.

One Friday, long ago, when I was a little first grader, my teacher reminded all of us kids to wear green the following Monday in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. I relayed this information to my Grandmother (with whom I lived) once I got home. She was NOT pleased. She explained that we were SCOTS (she was, at least) and that wearing green showed support for the IRISH. Not only was my grandmother of Scottish descent, she was a solid anglophile (the house contained lots of miniature English cottages, Britain-themed tea towels, etc, that she got visiting England). Honestly, I had never even heard of the IRISH. But the message was clear: whatever the IRISH were, no grandchild of hers would be condoning their holiday!

On Monday, I arrived at school wearing all ORANGE, in a sea of green peers–I don’t even know how my Grandmother managed to get so much orange on one little girl–I felt very conspicuous, but proud. My favorite favorite teaching assistant came up to me and exclaimed, “Why Anna! You’re not wearing any green! Did you forget it was St. Patrick’s Day today?”

I stood tall and declared, “I’m a SCOT, and we HATE THE IRISH.”

“Oh..but Anna…I’m Irish.” Tears appeared in her eyes!

I could have died right there–I don’t know if I had ever felt so awful as I did then. I would never have guessed Irish was a type of PERSON, much less wonderful Miss O’Brian (name changed because I don’t recall her name at this point).

“I–I’m sorry! I don’t hate you at all! I promise! I didn’t know what Irish was!!!” now I cried, but she hugged me to show she wasn’t mad, and then I made some shamrock-themed arts-and-crafts.

My grandmother was an overall awesome and admirable woman (for example, she was a Woman’s Air Service Pilot in WWII), but whenever St. Patrick’s day comes around, I wear green and remember that awful experience. I learned to take what she said with a grain of salt for the first time that day, as she was clearly uninformed on the whole Irish issue, and had made me into a jerk by mistake.

Sometimes I Do Things!

When did I draw that last post–Tempus Fugit! You probably think I’ve been sitting here twiddling my thumbs. Well that’s just not fair. Sometimes I make things that are NOT specifically for this blog, which exist nonetheless!



This is a STICKER design I have drawn for Paul Hughes of Blog of Holding, to help promote his awesome Kickstarter Project! That is, to REWARD people who contribute to the project–surely you want a sticker this cool, and other, ALSO COOL stickers drawn by other cool artists! The stickers depict the 5 iconic heroes from the old school Dungeon Master’s Guide. Donate $22+ and you can get these stickers in addition whatever other swag you have earned in your tier!



What’s better than a homebrew campaign world? A homebrew Belgian-style BREW! This is a design for a beer label that I made for Nate of Buy the Farm…Share. A delightful project, and I am pleased with the results! My brain defaults to the fighting-type monks when it comes to D&D, as I played a pretty sweet Githzerai Monk for a while. Check out his blog to look at pretty pictures of the beer, and to read its appealing description! Also you should look at the rest of the blog, but you’ll probably get pretty hungry, as I do when I see and read about delicious foodstuffs.

I’ve been up to some other things in various stages of completion, but this is what I offer tonight. Maybe I’ll put up another scary monster.

You can quote me on this one!

“Just think: today is the fourth day of the rest of July.”


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Pony Request #2

Another request from a pal: Scott Pony!