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I was browsing YouTube mindlessly–as one does–and came across an adorable video of a baby elephant trying fruitlessly to help up a larger elephant which had fallen down. How sweet!

Skip to 2:16, by the way. The video is actually mostly boring.

But I could not help but be reminded of a passage from The Physiologus, a text  written in Greek in the second or third century as both a guide to animals, trees and stones, AND an explanation as to how each of these natural specimens can be seen as analogous to Christian theology and ethics.

Now, before you go and accuse me of being some sort of an intellectual or something, it’s not like I went and read The Physiologus myself! I just happened to read the passage in my copy of  Umberto Ecco’s On Ugliness, a lively exploration of the Grotesque in Western art and literature! I don’t even KNOW Greek, and my Latin is getting a bit rusty–difficile est tenere quae acceperis nisi exerceas, as they say! So, just to be clear: I’m just a REGULAR JOE.

Anyway, on to the elephants!

In the mountains

An animal known as the elephant exists.

…This is the elephant’s nature. If it falls down, it is unable to get back up again, because it has no joints in its knees. And how might it fall down? When it wants to sleep, it leans against a tree and hunters, who are familiar with the elephant’s nature, go and saw the tree trunk halfway through.

The animal comes to rest and then falls along with the tree, and begins to send forth loud trumpeting.

Another elephant hears this and comes to help, but it is not capable of lifting up its companion: therefore both begin trumpeting…

and another twelve elephants arrive, but not even all of these together can lift up the fallen beast; therefore they all start trumpeting: finally a small elephant arrives, puts its trunk under the fallen elephant, and lifts him up.

What I take away from this story is that elephant hunters need to follow through with the rest of their hunting plans, and that elephants are disorganized. Oh! Also that Europeans in the Middle Ages were pretty uninformed about elephants. What you SHOULD take away from this story, gentle readers, is that the Elephant is MAN, after falling into SIN…

Then the great elephant arrived, in other words the Law, and it was unable to lift him; then the twelve elephants came (in other words the prophets), and they weren’t able to lift the fallen man either; finally, the holy spiritual elephant arrived, and he lifted the man up.


An Update and Some Photos!

Next week I will have lived in the Boston area for a full year! I will have been living in the Real World, away from school and the family for TWO years! I will have had this blog for two years, too.

A lot has changed over the past year! I am now a barista, for instance, which is invigorating, if a little overwhelming for someone who has worked neither retail nor service before. (Spellcheck suggests I replace barista with barrister; I am not a barrister).

I’ve made more friends, and I’ve kept doing theater at a steady rate! I’ve gotten to know this area pretty well, and now that early summer is in full swing, I can almost forgive (an admittedly mild) winter for lasting so long. I’ve learned to play the ukulele adequately! I’ve learned a lot about vegetarian cooking. I’ve learned some Norwegian!

Life is pretty nice, I think, even if I have no vision of myself in 5 years whatsoever–like, not even a glimmer of a hint of what or where I’ll be. Heck–even next year I can only envision where I’ll be because I’ve signed a year-long lease starting in September. On the “Life is pretty nice” side of things, here are three botanical photos I took the other day! I have not really put much of my photography on this blog, as I was REALLY into photography in college, then lost my spare camera battery…but now I own a sweet camera my brother got me, so I should get back on the horse.

I was going to upload a bunch, but maybe I should use a photo website to do that and link it here.

Also here another song I wrote for fun:

Sometimes I Do Things!

When did I draw that last post–Tempus Fugit! You probably think I’ve been sitting here twiddling my thumbs. Well that’s just not fair. Sometimes I make things that are NOT specifically for this blog, which exist nonetheless!



This is a STICKER design I have drawn for Paul Hughes of Blog of Holding, to help promote his awesome Kickstarter Project! That is, to REWARD people who contribute to the project–surely you want a sticker this cool, and other, ALSO COOL stickers drawn by other cool artists! The stickers depict the 5 iconic heroes from the old school Dungeon Master’s Guide. Donate $22+ and you can get these stickers in addition whatever other swag you have earned in your tier!



What’s better than a homebrew campaign world? A homebrew Belgian-style BREW! This is a design for a beer label that I made for Nate of Buy the Farm…Share. A delightful project, and I am pleased with the results! My brain defaults to the fighting-type monks when it comes to D&D, as I played a pretty sweet Githzerai Monk for a while. Check out his blog to look at pretty pictures of the beer, and to read its appealing description! Also you should look at the rest of the blog, but you’ll probably get pretty hungry, as I do when I see and read about delicious foodstuffs.

I’ve been up to some other things in various stages of completion, but this is what I offer tonight. Maybe I’ll put up another scary monster.

Henny Penny

I have been a bit busy of late, and my work has involved looking at a LOT of monster artwork. Bit by bit, I have been growing envious of the skillz possessed by those artists, and finally I snapped! I looked up a couple of tutorials and skipped around in them, and decided to use the tricks to draw that most hideous of creatures: A Chicken in the Nude!

Naked chickens? Super gross. They’re genetically modified to save plucking time, and to pen a bunch together more effectively without overheating, especially in hot climates. I saw them on the news. On the plus side, they look MUCH more like a dinosaur than their feathered kin!

Short Term Memory


U put the U in LUV

So many “SINGLE????” ads on Facebook! I was inspired to draw a picture of the partnered bliss promised by such ads–hints of etsy/vegetarianism/artiness/geekiness from the other banner ads I get helped out, too!


MC Frontalot

I just used some of my xmas giftcard $ to buy myself some MC Frontalot tracks, after listening to “Charity Case” on youtube for the twentieth time. (listen to the song, the video is unrelated) Now, I have decided to draw a quick picture of that performer, my all time favorite nerdcore artist:

The shoulders are a little off, and the colors aren’t quite balanced right (my tablet makes everything a little less saturated than my computer’s monitor and yours) but I have a cold I and am going to sleep!

But before I do, let me assure you that you should trust my opinion re: nerdcore music! I am an expert, ever since I wrote a twenty-odd page research paper with an end-of-semester presentation on the subject my senior year of college–which got an A, no less! Gotta love American Studies! AND you’ve gotta love MC Frontalot’s clever and unstoppable lyrical stylings!