Fun Facts

What is ‘Shoot The Sea” all about?
This is a general purpose blog with no overarching theme except that I am the one making it.  Short stories, lies, drawings, jokes, anecdotes, comics, poems, etc all see their fair share of attention on the site.

What does the title mean?
It refers to a (very) short absurdist story I wrote, posted very early on:

Quick facts about me:
-You may refer to me as Anna, or as Miss Anna, if you are unusual.
-I provide caffeine and order to the world.
-I live in beautiful New England.
-Acting and singing are my activities of choice!
-I play D&D.
-I love you.
-My greatest regret: Posting too much awesome stuff at the beginning of my blog where it will never be seen! And then not posting much of anything ever.


3 responses to “Fun Facts

  1. I was there at the beginning of your blog and I SAW IT ALL. Even though I don’t know you very well. So I hope that is comforting.

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