Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Tempus Fugit. Sorry for the creative block I’ve been stuck under for the last many months! Here is a drawing of the thing I am today (a supervisor who is still getting the hang of supervising!):

What have I been up to? I moved out of Cambridge and into the city of Boston itself. Over the past week or so, I’ve been trying to make myself get back to songwriting and practicing my ukulele, and (evidence above) drawing.  I got a kitten, but I’m not sure why–it’s cute, at any rate! I have a car now, and have learned new ways to hate Boston drivers and pedestrians. I’m still acting, but  still not an actress by any means. I’ve been taking tons of photos–I might put some up here! Mostly, I’ve been working, which I really enjoy. I get to hang out with fun people, my brain gets to learn lots of facts and standards, I get to drink delicious drinks, I get to work hard and not spin my wheels out over nothing sitting in an empty room, I get to challenge myself to improve in concrete, obvious ways!


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