Henny Penny

I have been a bit busy of late, and my work has involved looking at a LOT of monster artwork. Bit by bit, I have been growing envious of the skillz possessed by those artists, and finally I snapped! I looked up a couple of tutorials and skipped around in them, and decided to use the tricks to draw that most hideous of creatures: A Chicken in the Nude!

Naked chickens? Super gross. They’re genetically modified to save plucking time, and to pen a bunch together more effectively without overheating, especially in hot climates. I saw them on the news. On the plus side, they look MUCH more like a dinosaur than their feathered kin!


6 responses to “Henny Penny

  1. EW. That is sad and awful!

    BUT it is a very nice drawing! KUDOS.


  3. That IS pretty creepy. But I like your rendering of it!

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