MC Frontalot

I just used some of my xmas giftcard $ to buy myself some MC Frontalot tracks, after listening to “Charity Case” on youtube for the twentieth time. (listen to the song, the video is unrelated) Now, I have decided to draw a quick picture of that performer, my all time favorite nerdcore artist:

The shoulders are a little off, and the colors aren’t quite balanced right (my tablet makes everything a little less saturated than my computer’s monitor and yours) but I have a cold I and am going to sleep!

But before I do, let me assure you that you should trust my opinion re: nerdcore music! I am an expert, ever since I wrote a twenty-odd page research paper with an end-of-semester presentation on the subject my senior year of college–which got an A, no less! Gotta love American Studies! AND you’ve gotta love MC Frontalot’s clever and unstoppable lyrical stylings!


4 responses to “MC Frontalot

  1. This is awesome! It looks just like him. I have to listen to the new MC Frontalot music. This picture has reminded me of this fact again.

    • Thank youuuu! It doesn’t look EXACTLY like him, though, just to be sure I come across as humble: The real Frontalot has a somewhat stronger chin and much smaller EYES!

      Do get his latest CD (and previous ones you haven’t gotten)! His latest album is called “Solved” and my favorite tracks on it so far are “Just Once,” “Critical Hit,” and “Stoop Sale.” AND the spoken track “Problems: Ms. Schaal” is fun and you will appreciate it, being a fellow Flight of the Conchords fan!

  2. Hey Anna, I have no idea how to contact you but, being that we are both from new england, and we both love frontalot, I figured you might enjoy this: a rap video about me getting my ass kicked in MK2

    • A comment is a way to contact me, fellow New-Englander-and-Frontalot-lover! Cool rap, fun video–you really don’t stand a chance against someone actually dressed as their character!

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