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U put the U in LUV

So many “SINGLE????” ads on Facebook! I was inspired to draw a picture of the partnered bliss promised by such ads–hints of etsy/vegetarianism/artiness/geekiness from the other banner ads I get helped out, too!



Never Sleep

A beautiful poem can flower from a number of sources! Even a mild complaint on an instant messaging service! Or a stubborn friend who doesn’t listen! Or BOTH!

Scott: Ugh, so tired
Me: There is no cure for that
Scott: ONE cure
Me: Nope–it’s a vicious cycle
Me: The sleep plants the seeds
Me: For future sleepiness
Me: Like how food makes you hungry
Me: The incubation period is many hours
Me: I see why you are confused
Me: It wears off after a few more hours, but by then you already succame to it!
Me: Planting seeds anew
Scott: Hahaha
Me: Poor Scott
Me: Chained to his addictions
Me: Chained to his afflictions
Me: Chained to his ill-placed convictions
Me: Evictions from freedom from sleeping and feeding
Me: Always yawning
Me: Always needing
Me: Never heeding
Me: Anna, his true friend
Me: The end

THEN the fool signed off and went to bed!


MC Frontalot

I just used some of my xmas giftcard $ to buy myself some MC Frontalot tracks, after listening to “Charity Case” on youtube for the twentieth time. (listen to the song, the video is unrelated) Now, I have decided to draw a quick picture of that performer, my all time favorite nerdcore artist:

The shoulders are a little off, and the colors aren’t quite balanced right (my tablet makes everything a little less saturated than my computer’s monitor and yours) but I have a cold I and am going to sleep!

But before I do, let me assure you that you should trust my opinion re: nerdcore music! I am an expert, ever since I wrote a twenty-odd page research paper with an end-of-semester presentation on the subject my senior year of college–which got an A, no less! Gotta love American Studies! AND you’ve gotta love MC Frontalot’s clever and unstoppable lyrical stylings!