Gnome Sorcerer

Requested by my old friend Ryu:

A young female gnome sorcerer with a Rod of Wonder, and a rat familiar with chainmail! I have placed her on top of an ENORMOUS mountain of ENORMOUS books, and she rests/poses on her trek to a no-doubt-BRILLIANT encounter.

Annoyingly, there was an original version of this, but my computer froze and I had to start from scratch! Always save as you go, friends!

I am working my way through my queue of requests, but please feel free to ask for new things if you are as patient as I am slow!


5 responses to “Gnome Sorcerer

  1. The adorable rat! The adorable RAT. Its little chain mail and its kaiser helmet! It LOVES her.

    I like how the gnome is both cute and creepy! You want a gnome to be appealing and off-putting at the same time!

    The texture on the rod of wonder is cool! What did you do there?

  2. Wait, did you do this on Paint? The textures are really cool, it’s all … rather intricate.

  3. The next picture is taking too loooooooooong!
    Let’s see some Princess Celestia looking epic and awesome.

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