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Dwarf Paladin

Part one of a two-part request from ranthoron! I plan on adding part two of the request (a dragonborn cleric!) to this drawing and putting the ladies in situ once I am satified with the cleric! See this as a sort of peace offering for my slow progress–two weekends in a row I have been separated from my beloved art tablet!



For Rory, here is a loveable half-elf, Inkroot the Bard! Some things I have pictured here:

-His ink black teeth!
-His non-coincidental love of inkroot tea! None so cunning as he, at brewing a jorrum of tea! (to quote Gilbert and Sullivan)
-His singing sword
-His hat of disguise which can take on any form. In this case, I have decided to represent this effect with a silly and pastoral hat, rather than a disguise (which would defeat the purpose of drawing the man himself!)
-His great charisma!

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Gnome Sorcerer

Requested by my old friend Ryu:

A young female gnome sorcerer with a Rod of Wonder, and a rat familiar with chainmail! I have placed her on top of an ENORMOUS mountain of ENORMOUS books, and she rests/poses on her trek to a no-doubt-BRILLIANT encounter.

Annoyingly, there was an original version of this, but my computer froze and I had to start from scratch! Always save as you go, friends!

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