I asked a few friends to name me a playable D&D race to draw, and I got 2 votes for KOBOLD! So, here he is!

So does scalemail feel kind of like a weird bodysuit for them, you think?


But what will I draw NEXT?


6 responses to “Kobold!

  1. Finally really putting the Cintiq to use! This is easily one of your best pictures yet! And a great Kobold.
    Now draw an elfs, plz.
    Or maybe… ANNA PONY?

    • Thank you! Next up (which I am drawing RIGHT NOW) is a tiefling, and then I will make an elf! ANNA PONY is postponed until I soon get a haircut (I was going to get one last week but it fell through). I suppose it doesn’t make too much of a difference, but what if my haircut is WACKY??

  2. I am in love with this picture of a kobold. I was told of its genius at a party last night only to be sent a link and see it exceeded my expectations!


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