In celebration of the new academic year (meaningless to ME), here are a couple of drawings I have done based directly on campuses I have lived in!

This drawing is a few years old, and the cars are amateurish, but I am pleased with it over all. Sharpies!

This one is a drawing from my senior year of college, based on the view out my dorm window. Sharpies and colored pencils!


10 responses to “School!

  1. I love the first one – the trees and shadows are really great! And the really cool reflections in the window! Crazy!

  2. Very nice colors, Anna! The yellows, reds, and greens all mix together very nicely.

  3. They’re both quite nifty, but I love the Madeira one :)

  4. Oh, Smiff. I like these!

  5. In the interest of keeping you grounded, let’s say I hate them both. And also you.

    (But really all three are fantastic.)

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