Monthly Archives: September 2011


For my older brother, a pair of Eladrin! A ranger and a wizard!



Not sure what class this lass is, but here is a TIEFLING!


I asked a few friends to name me a playable D&D race to draw, and I got 2 votes for KOBOLD! So, here he is!

So does scalemail feel kind of like a weird bodysuit for them, you think?


But what will I draw NEXT?


I went to the Boston Aquarium last week and saw these little guys! They were paddling around like little bath toys, and squeaking like little bath toys!

Girly Stuff

Pink and purple: ATTACK!

These are a little less mindless in production, but still relaxing:

Here is a marker version of an old MS Paint picture I made back in like 2008!




In celebration of the new academic year (meaningless to ME), here are a couple of drawings I have done based directly on campuses I have lived in!

This drawing is a few years old, and the cars are amateurish, but I am pleased with it over all. Sharpies!

This one is a drawing from my senior year of college, based on the view out my dorm window. Sharpies and colored pencils!

More scanned drawings

Mammal and Moth

The smell of Sharpies!

I keep thinking I should make some crabapple jelly some time.