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Yes, Meat.
This is my swansong
(I never even tried swan!)
This is my goodbye.

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Spent all day in bed with food poisoning–finally down to mild nausea, and I am able to draw without feeling dizzy. Score!

Just for fun, a self portrait!

This is me left to my own devices.

What’s YOUR contribution to the suffering (or alleviation thereof) in the world?

What token gestures have YOU made towards self-betterment? (Using fewer paper towels?? Gave a dollar to a busker?? Working out??) I am toying with vegetarianism, personally!

Ultimately, will it be enough?

Have you read any comments on youtube, the news, etc recently? …They can’t ALL be fake!

Mostly, though, I think I can safely determine I am not an autotroph when it comes to emotional energy. In rehearsals, for instance, or when I am with friends, I am ON TOP OF THE WORLD! Biking hard is another quick fix, but it’s always night-time or raining lately. It’s times like the past 3 months that I miss college/high school!

Finally, a little formless poem:

The Boy Downstairs

I hear him through the floor all day
Playing Stairway to Heaven
He’s actually quite good–
Playing one song exclusively will do that.
When his parents go to sleep
He lights up the dankest weed
The smoke floats in through my windows.
Boy downstairs! You’re like fifteen!
How can you even afford this habit???

Another pony!

My latest Pony request, from Caroline!

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