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I Sing!

So! To make up for not posting in a while, here is an entry in a format I have not previously used! …VIDEO! Let me sing to you.

This song is a favorite favorite of mine:

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Kristina Pony

Brigid Pony

My good pal Brigid, of O, Pioneers, and RL wife of Wiley, pictured earlier!! WHY do so many of my friends have GLASSES??


On my way from the bus-stop, I couldn’t help but notice a couple of stand-out grave markers in the night, amongst the ordinary Fitzpatricks and Lees and Murphys and Smiths and such in the old Catholic cemetery. I felt a little gauche entering the hallowed place with my camera, but no one noticed because there was no one there.

Men linked in eternal rest by their spectacular surnames?


The bottom of the stone was all covered in grass, but it turned out to read “O’CONNOR.” I guess it is a little less sad if they have a name, but it is still a sad shared stone. Did they die at the same time? Did one child put this up, or several? So many questions!

To those of you who have requested ponies, I hope to have them done over the weekend!

You can quote me on this one!

“Just think: today is the fourth day of the rest of July.”