Stanley/Coffee Cup

I went out for a coffee with my notebook the other night, during the Stanley Cup Final Game 7, and took some notes!

I am a stranger in a strange land. Tonight, I have set up camp in the Diesel Café, with some Vietnamese coffee. It’s good enough to make up for drinking a tall thing of coffee at nearly 10 p.m—not to mention my lactose intolerance. But no matter.

The streets are in UPROAR. Women screaming. Men crying out. Applause seems to explode from every bar (there are many here), and from every door and window. Something (fire crackers?) is quite literally exploding outside. What’s going on? My new housemate warned me before I went out on this coffee trek to beware the crowds, tonight being the much anticipated…


From the cheers and shouts outside, I gather that the “Bruins” represent Boston (it is alliterative, certainly) and the (Fukkin’) Canucks are just evil, and do NOT represent Boston. At the time of this log entry, I can now name three hockey teams, the third being the Mighty Ducks.

Fun fact: The Bruins have not won a game in a long time! 72 years?? [nope: since 1972]

I wonder what this place was like when the Red Sox won the big…baseball game…event…thing… back in 2004! Even in a Virginia boarding school for girls, the whole place seemed to burst in jubilation! I was in the room directly above my dorm’s viewing party, but still! Such screaming, then as now!

About an hour after I wrote this, the café closed, RIGHT after the Bruins won! I enjoyed an invigorating bike ride home, as cars honked furiously at the crowds and crowds cheered back at the cars. Jerseys everywhere. A shirtless boy held a tinfoil Stanley Cup aloft, and the boy in turn was held aloft by a gaggle of bros! Women were hanging out of taxicab windows, waving their hands. The sidewalks were full. Even on my own sleepy street, an SUV of teenagers screeched some kind of hockey catchphrase from their vehicle, roaring down the road. Firecrackers and fireworks all over the place.

So much energy! I am glad they didn’t lose!


One response to “Stanley/Coffee Cup

  1. This may be my favorite blog post of yours yet.

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