Bicycle Fun

So, since moving to a true urban environment, I have ditched the 2000 Sienna with its seven seats and bottomless gas tank and enormous blind-spots and sticking doors and buzzing radio speakers. Just driving in and out of the city during the moving process was sending me into conniptions. Heck–looking for a parking spot in the dullest conditions is enough to set me off in that van, as anyone I’ve driven might attest. If alone, there’s just no hope! I just swear and curse until I have exited the vehicle. It’s not that I am reckless or careless. I’ve never had an auto accident except for one time I followed the GPS into the middle of a snowy field and had to get dug out by my boss and my supervisor and then towed (maybe I should make a post about that…), but that didn’t damage the car at all.

Anyway, now I am in a place where a car isn’t a must the way it is in a wintry, semi-rural wonderland: Bike lanes! Subway trains! Busses! Walkable groceries! I love biking so much, and I love my bike. I emasculated it with grocery basket on the back, but it is none the worse.

Thursday evening, I headed out to get food. I had my helmet, my lights, my reflective vest, my locks, and my CAN DO SPIRIT. What I forgot: my timing! This was RUSH HOUR. Despite my best signalling and safest biking behavior, the other commuters were much too dangerous! A car was practically snuggled against me as I sped along, when suddenly a big van in front of me STOPPED for no reason! Would I be squished between these monsters, or would I SWERVE to the side?? I swerved!

My bike laid itself down gently against the curb, while I continued my trajectory through the air onto the sidewalk. I came to rest in front of an ice cream truck and a Little League kid. I didn’t feel hurt, and was about to get back on the horse (bike) but the little boy seemed SO dubious of my condition I finally looked down at my knees. AUGH, blood! I staggered home with my bike-turned-walker, as passers-by asked if I was okay, what had happened, and told me to put lots of vaseline on my knees.

Warning! Gross pictures!

Here are my knees after I got home:

I used a combination of the internet and mom-on-the-phone advice to treat them, but the next day, they were TERRIBLE:

They were worse by night-fall. I used up like 12 paper towels over the course of the day to soak up their vile oozings. By Saturday morning they had stopped weeping, but CRACKED OPEN when I tried to move. I was unable to stand without great pain! They were all inflamed. So, finally, I taxied to the nearest hospital.

After a lot of paperwork, they cleaned them (ow!), dressed them, gave me a bag of dressings and ointment, gave me a tetanus shot, and prescribed to me some “Keflex,” an antibiotic.

Now, just a day later, my knees are way better! I can bend them! I can walk in a manner not at all reminiscent of Frankenstein’s Monster! They are neither burning hot nor running like the faucets of nightmares!

On the other hand, I guess I will be really seasick until I am done with this disgusting keflex. I took the first dose on a huge espresso drink and a pile of extra-spicy-Mexican-food-item with cheese and sour cream and tabasco, and was violently sick for like 3 solid hours. But all subsequent doses have been blessedly uneventful.

Lessons to take from this post:

-Boston drivers are kind of aggressive! Riding a bike doesn’t really solve that problem.

-Strangers are nice to you if you are hurt.

-Sometimes it is best to swallow your pride and see a doctor!

-Read the side effects on your medicine!

-Don’t be an idiot!

Bonus, unrelated lesson:

-“Pibb Xtra” is a pretty good soft-drink, turns out!


3 responses to “Bicycle Fun

  1. You left out the best part of the story when you were telling me! THE LITTLE KID!

    • Didn’t even!
      “I came to rest in front of an ice cream truck and a Little League kid. I didn’t feel hurt, and was about to get back on the horse (bike) but the little boy seemed SO dubious of my condition…”

  2. Figure the odds that floodsrollback would be the very child you came to rest in front of!

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