Ferns: Food?

My aPAWlogies for my inadvertent hiatus from my AWESOME blog! I have been up to many things. The latest thing?? I moved! I moved to the big city! Not that one–the other one! Anyway, I’ve been getting my BEARings here, biking through wicked busy streets, setting up my new bedroom/office/laundry circus, drinking coffee, and COOKING.

Today I biked to Whole Foods (aren’t WE something special) for vegetables–I walk in the door, and what do I see? A pile of fiddlehead ferns, just for me! Aesthetically pleasing–downright adorable! And oh! A sign on them revealed that they were fresh in from HADLEY. Already I am terribly nostalgic for the Pioneer Valley, so I decided to give the alien things a chance.

Here are some pretty cooking-type images:

They look so FRESH! So GREEN!

I went for a straightforward recipe: Saute the devils in butter and garlic.

Here they are paired with chicken-leek-etc stew, it being a rainy Saturday and leeks being surprisingly cheap!



Finally! Time to eat the ferns!

Ferns aren’t terrible, I suppose, but they are not super great! They reminded me of raw asparagus (even though they were cooked) which is a food I am not big on. But if you like that, you will like these. I guess they did have a wet, woodsy flavor, too. It was kind of a chore to eat them, so I saved those in the pan for stir-frying with other vegetables this week. A zingy sauce and some extra cooking time will make them more palatable!

Conclusion: Ferns are not inedible.


6 responses to “Ferns: Food?

  1. takinthelongway

    “Not inedible” seems like faint praise, but raw asparagus … ick.

    • Ahh, but imagine you are lost in the woods in the late spring! These suckers are now entirely eatable, as opposed to some other springtime objects! (e.g. sticks, toadstools)

  2. Laura (Rory's Friend)

    But does eating ferns kind of make you feel like a dinosaur? I mean imagine they are really big ferns.

    I will be in the BIG CITY in September if you want to MEET MY FACE!

    • You know, I was thinking about dinosaurs a LOT when I saw the ferns in the store, and when I was prepping them. But then I lost the way! Perhaps if I had kept dinosaurs at the front of my mind while actually consuming the ferns, or if, in fact, I had BECOME a dinosaur, I would have had a better experience! It might have given my new housemates pause, but WORTH ITl!
      You will?? Then I would indeed like to MEET YOUR FACE!

  3. I really love the black and white pictures with the single green fiddlehead! We used to sometimes eat them when I was little, because there are a ton that grow across the road from my house. But apparently there is something very like a fiddlehead that’s poisonous? SO BE WARNED WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO SURVIVE.

  4. They’re Dryopterisly delicious!

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