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Elizabeth and Natale Ponies

This request marks my first picture with TWO PONIES AT ONCE!


Ten Days in Australia???

Nope, not going to Australia. Been there, done that; hugged a koala, bought a hat. They smelled like cough drops and leather, respectively. Other random things I got out of that trip: Snorkeling and body-surfing aren’t much fun, cattle ranches are HUGE, “I’m Like a Bird” was really popular in middle school, Australians think US accents and Irish accents are similar, there’s a big banana there, customs will not arrest you for the souvenir dead butterfly you bought, kangaroos are less cool when they just lie on the ground and have food shoved in their mouths, and the US needs to get on the ball re: chicken-flavored and ketchup-flavored potato chips. Really a great trip!


Ten Days in Africa is a fun little strategy game I have played quite a lot of, especially in the last month. Really straightforward, really quick, and pretty satisfying as a straightforward quick little game goes! Basics:

-There’s a 5 color map of Africa displaying all nations.
-There is a deck of cards. Every nation has a card (or, in the case of some larger countries, a couple of cards), and there are also car cards (these link countries with one country between them) and color-coded planes (can link any 2 countries of the same color, however far apart)
-You have 10 slots or “days” to fill.
-At the start of the game you are dealt a random hand from the deck
-You spend the game trying to make an unbroken 10 day chain one turn at a time, switching out cards from the deck and the discard piles.
-First person to sort out their 10 day trip wins! (no ties, ever!)

Blah blah blah, long story short, and bringing this whole post together, I present you with:

On the off-chance that this is only funny if you’ve actually, you know, played the game, you can check it out online! (hit “back” after the site redirects you to the Welcome page)

Emma Pony

Artemas Pony

As requested, here is my brother Artemas, who is responsible for linking me so much My Little Pony!

His cutie mark is his SWO pin, as he is a surface warfare officer!

It’s Lurking Even as I Speak!


You hateful, lumpen thing,
Lying on my bed all the day long
Lounging in the sun
When, at night, I need to sleep,
You shift your bulkitude onto my chair,
Dangling your dozens of wrinkled arms and legs over the sides–
I have half a mind to fold you up
And put you away, someday!

Jake Pony

Here’s the latest Pony Request: Jake!

Note the overworked bagpipes cutie mark! He plays this instrument, and I had never ever drawn bagpipes before tonight! I do love a challenge!

3:30 am!

Pony OVERLOAD! The last 4 posts have been PONIES! Taking a break from PONIES with some drawings from the real world!