I was cleaning out some old boxes in my parent’s house and came across old papers, written by ME when I was in elementary school! One of them was about Louisiana. I hope you find it informative!

Excerpts from “LOUISIANA”

“The state is called Louisiana after King Louie the 14th. We Bought Louisiana (and much more land) for $5,000,000 from Napoleon who was short on cash from fighting wars, and buying crowns, and robes, and whatnot. Of course we all know that from that lesson on the LOUISIANA PURCHASE. Any who, in more recent times (~well about 100 years ago) Jazz was invented.”

“Any who” is a great segway! Why did I ever stop using it in my academic papers?? Also that paragraph stops short right there, start new paragraph on Yellow Fever (not included).

“Louisiana has too many state symbols. Want to hear them? The votes are in: the vast majority says…. “no.” Oh well, too bad. Here they are: State Wildflower: Louisiana iris. State Flower: magnolia. State Musical Instrument: Diatonic Accordion. State Tree: Bald Cypress. State Reptile: Alligator. State Bird: Brown Pelican. State Fossil: Petrified Palm Wood. State dog: Catahoula Leopard dog. State crustacean: Crawfish (called “cra’dads” or “crawdaddies”). State insect: HoneyBee. State fish White Perch. State Gem: Agate. State Amphibian: Green Tree Frog. State Colors: Gold, White and Blue. State Mammal: BlackBear.”

I was writing to meet a page requirement, I think.

The state is also the perfect place for several types of livestock from cows and pigs to plain old chicken.

You’re KIDDING, younger self!

The capitol is Baton Rouge, meaning “red stick” because the French settlers saw a red stick marking where two Native American tribes were, and they decided to build a city on top of it. Wow, how gallant.

A fun fact.

Louisiana is also big in the salt industry. That’s about all I have on the subject.

Very succinct.

Now you know about Louisiana’s nicknames, symbols, agriculture, culture, geography, products, and the yellow fever. Thanks for listening, maybe being bored out of your wits, talking to your friend, or not even listening to me. Well for those of you who aren’t listening ~ well I can’t really say much to you.

Next time: “DEEP SEA”


8 responses to “Louisiana

  1. Did you read this to the class? Clearly it is meant to be delivered!

  2. TOO SAD. :( Younger me wrote things very similar to this!

  3. Dawww! Young Anna was adorable! And very sarcastic.

    • This is actually low on the sarcasm-meter compared to some of my other stuff! I should locate all the papers I had to write for detention-from-recess in 4th grade. I dug them up a few years ago and was DELIGHTED. If I remember correctly, one actually read, “The rules are the rules because they are the rules and they have to be followed or else MRS. WELCH will make you write FOUR WHOLE PAGES and miss recess.” and “Even if the rules don’t make any sense and seem like they are made just to annoy you, you still have to obey them because they are the rules.” One DEFINITELY ended with “And there are my FOUR WHOLE PAGES, are you HAPPY NOW, MRS. WELCH?!?!??!?!?!!?”

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