Creative Block

I have been mad busy, viewers. I was in Pirates of Penzance (AWESOME), I was packing my whole entire apartment into a storage unit (LAME), I was heading down south to stay with my family for the month (CRAZY)! That’s where I am now. DC. And now, when I finally have a chance to do some blogging, I can’t think of a thing to say! Untrue: I delete everything I put down, as it fails to satisfy me. Best thing for a creative block is doodling, so I have a doodle to prove I am hard at work chipping my way to free expression!

Look what I drew!

Also I drew a comic I am not 100% happy with, but I like the dude’s expression:

I have been this man. I have been this snake.


2 responses to “Creative Block

  1. I love that it’s a snake for no reason! I suppose snakes get into those situations, too.

    And I love the pattern! Those things are always very impressive to me.

  2. I can’t tell which I like more: the comic itself, or the caption below. Or the subtext. Or this chicken Parmesan I’m eating.

    It’s a toss-up.

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