Bat Man

The bat is still here.

Sometimes she flies around the house, but mostly she hangs in the corner by the refrigerator.  I think it must be warmer in the kitchen and that is why she goes there.

She was in the bathroom the other night. I didn’t notice at first, but she flew out into the hall when I flushed the toilet. I hope I didn’t frighten her. I was embarrassed that I had gone to the bathroom in front of her, even if she is a bat.

I am pretty sure she is a female bat, because I get that impression. I’ve started leaving the back door open to see if she’ll leave, but she doesn’t. Maybe she leaves at night when I am asleep and comes back. I never see her eat. So maybe she does go out at night and eats. At least I hope so. Why does she come back?

I researched bats and found out usually they live in large groups. Sometimes thousands of bats will live in one cave! Did she used to live with other bats? Did they leave her behind? Or did she leave them? Maybe she is lost. I wish I could ask her.


3 responses to “Bat Man

  1. This is the saddest story of the saddest bat man! I hope he finds a way to communicate with the bat. I hope he finds love. Not with the bat.

  2. Come on, Emma! I hope he finds love WITH the bat. And not in that lame Ladyhawke, it’s-really-a-human-by-day type of way, either. LET THEM LOOOOVE.

  3. I think the bat man seems like a nice guy.

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