So! My pal Rory has a twitter account, through which he produces mini-stories of EXACTLY 140 characters per story! I have decided to illustrate several of them , but it is really worth reading the whole bunch! I am still deciding which to draw. Lately he has been answering requests for sets of 5 themed tweets per theme, but he generally makes stand-alone ones! Check it out.

In other news, I apologize, my loyal readers, for my low output of late! I have been busy with rehearsals, and neglectful of my duties! I shall endeavor to improve!


4 responses to “@Rory_Madden

  1. Wait, what are you rehearsing?

  2. I like how covered in molasses she is! She was really gulping down that warm blood. I wonder who tricked her into drinking it?

  3. Maybe she saw a bottle of brownish liquid and assumed it was warm blood!

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