Fruit and Pets

I couple of poems I rattled out during my lunch hour!

A pear
Is passing fair
A plum
Appeals to some
A grape
A sweet escape!
A berry
Makes mankind merry
A peach
Is within reach
An apricot
Whyever not?
A tomato
Is a fruit, too–technically a berry,
Which has been described already
As making mankind merry.
A date?
I palpitate!
A melon
A lime
Is rhymed with rhyme
A kiwi
Merci! Oui oui!
A pomegranate
Can cure acne…can it?
A tangerine
What can it mean?
A durian
Can’t be taken on the Singapore subway system because of its distinctive odor
(Or should I say di-STINK-tive??)
A kumquat–
(…no. I should not.)
An eggplant:
Another berry, actually.
A currant
Is topical
A pineapple
An acai
Is probably a scam, aye?
An ice cream bean:
A lychee
(LIE-chee? LEE-chee?)
Has a strange consistency
A citron
Oh please, come on!
A fig
Is not that big
A coconut
Is okay, but
A dragon fruit
An orange
Is actually yet another kind of berry
And a quince
Was not seen since…!


They say that owners start to look like their pets as time goes by
And vice versa.
I have found this to be true,
The explanation is actually very simple:
I’m covered in cat hair,
And Fluffy?
Just totally coated in flakes of human skin.


3 responses to “Fruit and Pets

  1. TECHNICALLY an orange is a hesperidium, but that IS classified as a berry of sorts, so I’ll give it to you. But a grape is a berry, too.

  2. Thank you for figuratively giving me an orange!
    Other berries and berry-things I mentioned include a melon, a currant, a lime, a tangerine and a kumquat!

  3. To WHOM is a pear passing fair? The answer: NO ONE.
    However, you have taught me something new about eggplants and Singapore, so I will commend you heartily.

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