Requests 2

The next two responses to the responses to my DEMANDS post:

(requested by Scott)

Yeahhhh so I have this crush. Okay, so actually I think it’s love. And ughh I just feel like such a total creeper because he is my best friend Lia’s boyfriend’s best friend–I mean he is my friend too–we have all hung out like all the time since freshman year basically–but before, really, Brian was more of Kent’s friend than mine. But  since Lia and Kent started dating this fall, Brian and I have sort of bonded over being “the third wheel and the other third wheel” haha and I feel like maybe there is a connection between us??
But now I have some AP classes and Brian has some extracurriculars that keep him after school so we basically never hang out much any more!!!! I would ask Lia if he likes me but I don’t want her to tell Kent and make things awkward when we DO all hang out (which I know she would I mean they are dating and that’s what you do you tell your significant other EVERYTHING which is good but makes things hard for me right now!!) Anyway, even though we never hang out in real life except for occasionally, we have been chatting a lot online.
Maybe that means something??
So yeah:  I have been typing “I love you” after every single line I write to him (even “lol” and “k” haha) and then deleting it before hitting send. I figure that if I ever forget to delete it that it will be my DESTINY.

“SCIENCE” (requested by Jake)


5 responses to “Requests 2

  1. I love you.

  2. THAT IS SO ROMANTIC. ~~~~***~~~~~

  3. Oh, destiny. Hopefully Brian is as awful as her.

    Also, very accurate science.

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