It’s Not Poetry: Minivanuary

I used to kick the snow away from the car with my feet
And slap it with my hands
But I bought a shovel the other day
Which is really an improvement over my previous method.

Sometimes the car doors freeze shut or a little bit open, too.

Ice adds Adventure to my daily commute!

I am tired
Maybe could I just skip scraping the windshield today
And get on the road?
I guess not.

Anti-lock brakes you are freaking me out okay

Every day:
The whole INSIDE of the car is covered in
ICE, what the hell.

Please don’t plow me, plow!

By the time I get to work, the car is bearably warm! Yippee!


2 responses to “It’s Not Poetry: Minivanuary

  1. Haha, excellent. This is all very familiar. Stupid ice and snow. They ruin everything.

  2. Yesterday, it was SUPER warm (a high of 34˚!), and when I got to my car, the six inches of snow had melted off, the half inch of ice had melted off, AND the process had left the car looking shiny clean! Thanks, Nature!

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