Fun Poems and a Fun Fact

Bad Summer

I remember the first time I ever broke a bone–
And the last time
I ever went to the Hall of Paleontology.


My heart
My heart
Yes, Love can die
It crawls in a wall
In the back of your mind–
To puff and putrefy.

Meaning Fills Our Purpose!

Everything is as fresh and as new
As a tree unfurling from its egg
Today, she is just a little broccoli
But like the ugly duckling
Will tomorrow be a beautiful Swan
And all she needs is some rainstorms
And sunshine
And Love
And she will be tall enough to touch the sky
And get a Christmas STAR/ANGEL for her head
And underneath?
A gift for every person on the Earth
A gift from me to you
“My gift is my song and
This one’s for you”


What is the best way to ride a crocodile?
Probably by lying on your side, like it’s a Roman litter…
Or a divan.
You’d look a fool, straddling it.

Fun Fact About Anna (Not a Poem!)

This one time I tried to take a REALLY BIG BITE out of an apple and my Grandmother had to cut it out of my mouth with a knife.


8 responses to “Fun Poems and a Fun Fact

  1. I particularly like the one about the crocodile.

  2. I am even more delighted by IMHO now that it has a title. The title is very much in keeping with the tone of the rest of it!

    Teenager is GREAT.

    I am horrified by baby Anna and wish to hear no more of it.

  3. My favorite: “Meaning Fills Our Purpose.” It’s so unintelligible, and yet so meaningful.

    I also like the picture of baby Anna. It looks just like you.

  4. Ugh! Rosy cheeked baby Anna creeps me out!

    IMHOP made me lol.

  5. Greedy toddler Anna.

  6. Someone Who Knows

    The Fun Facts apple is about right for scale, but the figure in the drawing – while looking approximately like a small Anna – is an imposter. The real Anna had hair that was poorly brushed and fixed, by her father, – with love but obvious difficulty – into multiple ponytails. Not two. Sometimes five. Further, Anna’s clothes were a self-inflicted surprise of plaids and solids, skirts with trousers, and mixture of at least two shoes. Or boots. Wardrobe was Anna’s domain, and she’d let you know it.

  7. More baby Anna! More baby Anna!

  8. Always awesome.

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