A Font of Poetries, to His Muse!

Is it morning already? No??
My love, you are so radiant I had mistook you for the sun
Which shines, as it were, far above me!
Unattainable and yet I cannot help but stare
And, my love, I fear that I shall go blind in doing so
Like a Galileo, your poor Romeo!
But were it not fitting that I should go blind
For–as they say–you know,
LOVE is blind
So, like a blind man, shall I feel my way
Across these fertile hills and valleys?
Not tonight?
You would refuse this poor beggardly blind fool
A small chaste kiss? Charity, maiden!
A “sisterly” kiss? For a “novice” thou art
In the rites of love, I can see it in your blush, but fear not!
You are my own heart, which stands before me and yet
Beats within my breast–feel it, there.
And I, your heart…
Am there in yours! I feel it, ha!
Oh! Oh!
You wound me, lover.
Your ring has
Cut my brow.
I beg pardon. I shall away.


3 responses to “A Font of Poetries, to His Muse!

  1. The picture is PERFECT.

    This poem has everything! I like “poor beggardly blind fool.” Laying it on thick!

  2. Haha, excellent. I like how you ended it. The picture really captures the romantic spirit of the poem. Love is nothing if not persistent.

  3. I just like it. A lot. ‘Nough said.

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