Some Birthday Requests and a Bonus Poem

For Meghan, at the request of her sister Alison

Well, today she’s getting older
(She gets older every day)
So today we all applaud her
(Or at least that’s what we say)
Have a happy birthday, Meghan
Have a very happy day
Try and celebrate the moment
While the moment slips away!


For Megan, at the request of Megan

Megan, You’re the Bomb!
Three and Twenty Years Ago
October, Ten Days In
Quite the Occasion, Don’t You Know
Until Then, You Were In-
Side of Your Mom.


For Jake, at the request of Emma

Just have some CAKE,
For heaven’s SAKE!
Little JAKE!



I learned a lesson, the lesson is this:
You can’t rhyme “cat” with “cat”
You can’t “this” with “that”
You can’t rhyme “cab” with “cat”
And nothing rhymes with “orange”
(Except for maybe “door-hinge?”)


8 responses to “Some Birthday Requests and a Bonus Poem

  1. But Anna, you can rhyme anything with anything, because YOU can DO ANYTHING!

  2. takinthelongway


  3. Wow! Thanks Emma/Anna! I like the placement of emphasis.

    See you guys TOMORROW!!!

  4. Excellent, I approve. Haha, the one for Meghan is great. It’s so depressing and half-hearted.

  5. I came up with the exact same rhyme for “orange” ten years ago. I am not trying to one-up you! I am saying we are kindred spirits.

    Also my rhyme for “orange” helped me to WIN MY HUSBAND. So it is a useful romantic tool.

    • Kindred spirits!
      Did you use a cockney accent when you won your love with this trump-card of a rhyme? (Door ‘inge!) I think that such an accent is perhaps the way to make it rhyme best of all!

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