Birthday Poems

Two of my friends have had birthdays this week, and I wrote each of them a birthday poem! This one was for my friend Rory:

Today is a birthday.
A birthday, today.
Today is YOUR birthday.
YOUR birthday, hooray.

And this one was for my friend Wiley:


If you or a loved one would like a birthday poem or a poem for any other occasion/situation, just let me know! Believe it or not, the above poems took approximately NO TIME to write. I’m just that good!


5 responses to “Birthday Poems

  1. Mine’s way better.

  2. My sister is having a birthday next week! I bet she would LOVE a poem.

  3. takinthelongway

    My birthday was 18 days ago! I’ve been 23 FOREVER!! I want a birthday poem with an additional 18 days’ worth of awesome!! :P

  4. Your talent is mind-blowing. You should write a poem for Jake. His birthday was on the tenth.

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