Ho Hum

Here is a brief, careless, illustrated list of things that fail to entertain me. It is by no means complete, but here you go:


Comes up all the time! I actually read a bunch of Lovecraft as a preteen, but this Old One really didn’t stick to my ribs the way he has to many others’. In pop art, literature, comics, music…eh!

Hello Kitty (Ironic or Otherwise)

This cat has been around since the late seventies, and people can’t get enough of her. I guess because the design is childishly simple, and essentially a blank canvas of underwhelming cuteness. A bazillion official products. A bazillion things (like guns) ironically bekittied. Hello Kitty Jesus, Hello Kitty Darth Vader, Hello Kitty Zombie, Hello Kitty everything else. Edgy tattoos. Ugly webcomic Hello Cthulhu is right out. Two strikes. It not only doesn’t amuse me, it makes me actively pissed.

Ninjas vs Pirates

Jeez, when did this start and when will it end??


The least amusing thing on this list. I am really grossed out by the idea of dead flesh (cremation for me, please!) and also zombies are just so popular I can’t help but be annoyed. People talking about the “science” of it, about the logistics of a zombie apocalypse, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies…they all fall flat with a sickening splat. That’s that.


11 responses to “Ho Hum

  1. Hear, hear. Especially ninjas vs. zombies, for me.

  2. Very brave, drawing that zombie!

    I enjoyed the pirate pun. Most of all, I enjoyed the disdain of this post. Not even “things that make me angry.”

  3. takinthelongway

    I love zombies – zombie movies, zombie apocalypse, etc etc and did before they were “in.” Which probably makes me a hipster in that respect, but oh well. Dead flesh IS disgusting, which is part of what makes zombies so compelling – when we cease to be us and become just meat, what if that meat can be hijacked by forces that aren’t us and set to do their bidding?

    Totally with you on the Hello Kitty thing, though. Bleh.

    • Haha–I have no issue with people liking zombies (so many people, including very cool people such as yourself, do so!)
      My problem is that zombies toe an unpleasant line with me–on the one hand (which is on one side of this line they toe) their basic presentation (“Uggghh…brains…) isn’t striking enough to amuse me. On the other hand, any further consideration into them just grosses me out with the cloying putrid scent of death and annoys me to no end when people start talking zombie-proofing.
      I would be much more upset if my meat were hijacked while I was still alive, or still had a mind/vestige of my personality, and there is many a fictional fright to accommodate that concern!

  4. That Hello Cthulhu comic is wretched!

  5. Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young!

  6. lol to hipster Cthulhu. I am on the fence about zombies. Zombieland was really funny and good. The whole point of them is that we subconsciously fear that our own consumerist culture will eventually overwhelm and destroy us, same as why during the Red Scare our fear of outsiders manifested in the form of thousands of alien invasion films.

    • Subconsciously?? I actually haven’t seen Zomieland, so I cannot judge! I haven’t seen any feature-length zombie films, truth be told; just a wealth of zombie paraphernalia and jokes and events and songs and comics and stuff.

      As for converses, here is my judgment: They degrade rapidly, have no arch support, they are not waterproof, and they are sort of expensive, all that considered!

      • Zombies:Consumerism is less clarifying and less interesting to me than just talking about consumerism outright, unlike something like The Crucible:McCarthyism.

  7. The above poster was me also. I just remembered, you forgot to put “Converse Allstars” sneakers on the list.

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