The Most (and only!) SPOOKTACULAR Time of the Year!

HALLOWEEN is on its way!
HALLOWEEN is a-o-k!
HALLOWEEN is quite a day!
Quite an evening, anyway!

My sophomore year of college, I almost FORGOT that Halloween was on its way! So, I went to the local Target with a couple of friends, hoping to find some last-minute costume things for me. There we found the costume selection BARREN: Nothing but sexy nurses and a few toddler Elmos! I tried pulling an Elmo on, but it was not pretty.

It took like 10 minutes  and some team work to extract me from the Elmo pelt, and I felt pretty disheartened. As we turned to go, however, something caught my eye, and inspiration struck!

It was festive treat bucket, the inside of which, for reasons unknown, was lined with black mesh. This meant that I could put it on my head and see perfectly fine, invisible as my eyes were to observers! And the price just couldn’t be beat. When the day came, I threw on my big coat and pair of jeans, and there was my Halloween costume!

Don’t you think for one SECOND that it was lame. It was AWESOME. You know why? Because I had the SPIRIT of the season inside of me. A bucket-headed goofus becomes a NIGHTMARE if they shamble through the darkness like something eyeless and boneless and silent and bad. I stumbled and reeled! I fell carelessly into contorted messes and sprang up with ease! I turned and drooped and lept! My bucket head lolled loose, and my arms were like putty windmills. I upset my friends! I made a toddler cry with fear and hide her face in her mother’s coat! I got a lot of bruises from falling, but it was worth it.

Because it was so successful, it is definitely a favorite costume of mine.

What is YOUR favorite costume of YOURS, and why??


11 responses to “The Most (and only!) SPOOKTACULAR Time of the Year!

  1. When I was in 6th grade, I dressed up as a Republican! I think because at that age I had an advanced sense of what would be considered highly amusing by adults like my parents.

    Also LAST year Rory and I dressed up as the two Xanders from that Buffy episode for a Buffy Halloween party! We won BEST costume. However, everyone at the party remembered the episode better than we did, so they’d be like, “Hey, can you do the thing with the quarter?” or “Do the Snoopy dance!” and we could only stare blankly or stutter!

  2. I am super delighted by this post! That’s exactly how you looked in the Elmo pelt! And you managed to capture the movement of your creature very well.

    I don’t know, I think my undead emo schoolboy is my favorite costume of mine. With makeup by you!

  3. My Smith-era costumes were by far my best. I think Mystique (X-Men) was my favorite, but Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and ninja (generic – and very simple!) were pretty good, too. As I said in response to Heathen’s comment, I really like costumes that can be coordinated with other people’s!

  4. I am frankly torn between my Professor Frink costume last year and the wildly successful Blues Brothers costumes of Emma’s and my senior year of high school. Hopefully the tie can be broken by our coordinated costume-ness this year…

  5. takinthelongway

    My favorite costume is still the year I went as a Freudian Slip (senior year at Madeira, remember?) although the costume I got the most compliments on ever was 2008 when I dressed up as an undecided voter. I wanted to be something scary. Oh, Bard.

    Fuuuuck I need to start thinking of a Halloween costume. It needs to be clever, cheap, and able to be cobbled together from things available at a second-hand clothing market. Suggestions?

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