Where are you guys now?


Where’s that?

It’s near Reno. Ugh, talk about the worst car trip ever.

What’s wrong?

Barry drank an entire bottle of Italian Dressing and threw up.

What? Why didn’t anybody stop him?

We didn’t know he would actually go through with it.

But you must have seen him


In the act


So even if you didn’t expect him to, you knew he was drinking it once he was drinking it


So why didn’t you stop him?

I was driving.

The others?

I dunno.

I see.

We should get back on the road.

Okay. Drive safe.

Ciao, bella.

Wait! Where did Barry get the salad dressing? Hello?


2 responses to “Sparks

  1. It reminds me of the time Rory ate that nail polish!

  2. Salad dressing does not belong on a road trip!

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