The Daily Grind

I decided to draw me and my good friend/supervisor Rory working hard at work! The first image was made using MS Paint, my longtime standby, and the second image is my first attempt at the GIMP, which is similar to Adobe Photoshop but free! Also I guess the Rory picture has some shading by the GIMP, but mostly it’s pure Paint.

It’s not all fun and games at work, though! Mostly it’s just games.

I think with some practice and some concentration, I can really make the GIMP work for me, but I am so used to the brutal simplicity that MS Paint offers!


6 responses to “The Daily Grind

  1. Who will win the showdown??

  2. What a detailed Anna! But I can’t quite read the Post-It…

  3. The post it is a nice touch. We have those at work!

  4. What is this GIMP of which you speak? Can I use it on a Mac?

  5. I have Gimp on my Mac! It’s fantastic! And free! But I don’t typically include the definite article, as this makes it sound like a character from Pulp Fiction.

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