Ad Campaign

I came up with an all-natural bottled tea and juice company. Here are some ads I came up with for this company I came up with!

Tierra’s packaging uses 100% recycled materials. Even the paper this ad is printed on is 100% recycled.

…You’re Welcome.®”

Tierra: Making the world a better place one sip at a time.

…You’re Welcome.®”

“Every bottle of Tierra means another acre of rainforest goes untouched.

…You’re Welcome.®”

Tierra uses only the freshest, finest fair trade ingredients. Sounds like a win for everybody.

…You’re Welcome.®”

Tierra ensures that all of its ingredients are healthy for you, and for the planet.

…You’re Welcome.®”

Tierra contains no artificial anything. None.

…You’re Welcome.®”

“…You’re Welcome.®” would also be included under every Tierra cap!


4 responses to “Ad Campaign

  1. Haha, the name is just perfect. Hateful product! Hateful campaign! Actually, just hateful campaign. Perfect product. >:(

  2. You couldn’t PAY me to drink this tea.

  3. The thing is, this probably could be legit and no one would bat an eye.

  4. Instead of a fun fact, “You’re welcome.” Thanks a lot, Tierra.

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