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Am I better than you because I bike to work?

Possibly not: For all I know, YOU bike to work, TOO!

I’m kidding, but that was just one  Good Thing about Biking. So, aside from getting to be a smug ass, here is a personalized list of Good Things about biking:

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Some Quick Poems

Wrote these up during a lull in my work-stuff yesterday!

Makes Me Sick
You should have seen her there
Laughing and tossing her hair around
Great big heart-shaped box of candies propped up on her knee
She was eating them with relish–
It was disgusting.

I can’t get you out of my…
You, dear
You are the hair that is caught in the back of my
A long and lovely

Admission Process
Hey guys!
I got in! I got in!
I can’t believe I got in!
Aren’t you going to congratulate me?
You know, guys
I never could have done it without you
Forgetting to lock the cellar windows.


Those cherished childhood memories
Crushing frogs with rocks
Eating Chips Ahoy! until we threw up
Again and again
Chasing cats on our bikes
On a cool summer’s day
Stealing big bras from the T. J. Maxx
And daring to dream that those halcyon days
Would never end

(This is inspired by a lecture I attended in which the speaker showed a photo of some little boys crushing frogs with rocks. He stated it was a good illustration of  interactions with nature, and implied that most of us, as children, probably did likewise!)


My friends Alison and Scott asked me to draw one another’s adorable kittens being better than one another. I’ll do that when I’m less tired, but here are some kittens anyway!

Monster on the Dance Floor

Dog. Fish. Flesh. Friends.

These poems are based primarily on prompts from my good friend Scott! I was sitting in a coffeeshop–Scott was sitting in Maine!

What’s That Noise
Oh my god, the dog has bees!
Dog-honey in his ears…
Go and grab the smoke-can please!
This happens every year.

Exotic Fish
A fish,
Which when fresh,
Has remarkable flesh–
It tastes like the flesh of a man!

Couldn’t Last
I could never love you as much as you loved the woods I guess but I still loved you a lot until you ran away and now I don’t think I love you as much as I used to but mostly because you hurt me when you left so I still wish you would come back home you were the only raccoon I ever loved.

My own, myself
I think that I shall never see
A poem as love-a-ly as ME!

This is SO a Poem
Our lunch
specials include
of our favorite entrées
in lunch-sized portions.
Served from 11 AM
….while they last.

The Daily Grind

I decided to draw me and my good friend/supervisor Rory working hard at work! The first image was made using MS Paint, my longtime standby, and the second image is my first attempt at the GIMP, which is similar to Adobe Photoshop but free! Also I guess the Rory picture has some shading by the GIMP, but mostly it’s pure Paint.

It’s not all fun and games at work, though! Mostly it’s just games.

I think with some practice and some concentration, I can really make the GIMP work for me, but I am so used to the brutal simplicity that MS Paint offers!