A Case of Identity!

There are times when the curtain parts and we really get a glimpse of ourselves for what we are. When our real and our imagined selves come face to face across a sharp chasm, and we cannot turn away.

You wish you could.

You look around and see that every seat-like surface is covered in laundry. Covered in books. Covered in wires. Empty envelopes. Mostly covered in laundry.

You sit on the clear place in the middle of the floor. You begin to eat, as quickly as possible.

What are you eating? Peanut butter and English muffins. A can of kippers. Where did you even get kippers? Your mom sent them.

You’re eating them with a plastic spoon because your metal spoon is dirty.

It’s getting dark.  Since when was eating peanut butter so difficult? But you can’t stop now–you’ll be late to D&D.


You are not a movie star after all, me!

On a side note!

I wasn’t posting for a while because my computer got a virus! Then I got a stomach bug! And now we’re cured but my drawing tablet is defunct, so no pictures for a while.


4 responses to “A Case of Identity!

  1. Sad! BUT even when you are a movie star every surface of your living space will still be covered in laundry. It is Who You Are!

  2. Who’s my BUTLER, then??

    • Your butler would be all, “Hey, is it cool if I pick these up later, I kind of have a headache” and you’d be all, “Oh…yeah, no, that’s…no, okay” and then your butler would be all, “I think I’m going to lie down” and you’d be all, “Oh…yeah”


      Every time your butler picked up after you your butler would give you a LOOK and you would feel such shame you’d start trying to pick up before the butler got there but that wouldn’t work for more than a day or two and you’d just be STUCK with the SHAME.

  3. You’ll be a movie star someday!

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