Life is but a dream!

So I woke up the other day, hit snooze 15 times, cursed the dawn, got dressed, and made my way to the bathroom to brush up. When I reached the kitchen, a rat on the counter gave me pause.
It was up on its haunches, eating some kale. Alright. Okay. It seemed pretty chill. My brain was firing up very slowly, and something moved in the corner of my eye. I turned. It was a tall stranger, red-headed and red bearded, standing by the fridge in his skivvies.

“Hello. I’m Steven.”
“…Hello, Steven. I’m Anna.” I looked back at the rat. “And…?”
“That’s Purchase.”
“Purchase.” The rat looked up at me, wuffling its whiskers and holding its kale in a dainty way.
“Yes, Purchase.”
I nodded slowly. “Can I…pat…Purchase?”
“Of course.”
And I did. Then I washed up and biked to work.

Who is Steven? Heaven knows. Was that him sleeping on the couches this morning (one couch when I went into the bathroom, and the other when I left) or another stranger entirely? If it was he, then where is Purchase?


4 responses to “Life is but a dream!

  1. This is such a surreal tale! Or should I say . . . tail? I like the idea that Purchase might still be lurking around somewhere.

  2. The weirdest thing for me is the rat’s name, I think.

  3. I love this blog for two reasons:

    1) It is very entertaining; you have a way of putting things in the funniest of ways.


    2) It helps keep me posted on the sort of goings-on in the lives of you lot down over there, particularly in these busy times. So many interesting things seem to happen, and I keep failing to be present!

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