Two Girls I’m Not


Here I am when I started high school. Funniest thing in the world? Monty Python, by heart. Wardrobe? Sweatpants, sweatshirts, ripped and baggy jeans, huge t-shirts  with dragons, wizards, wolves, and fundraisers on them. I was a genius and a loner.


My senior year of highschool was a different story! Funniest thing in the world? MYSELF! Wardrobe? HILARIOUS!Mediocre student and kooky character!

A crazy metamorphosis, but still crazier:

Neither of these girls is me!

But wait:

BOTH of these girls is me.



12 responses to “Two Girls I’m Not

  1. I wasn’t around during EITHER of these years!

  2. Now I would like a picture of what you are now!

    I love the expression of Senior Year you.

  3. You wear different clothes now! And you play d&d!

  4. Agreed with Emma. Also: Brief Description of who you are now!

  5. I would like to third that! I want to see Current Anna! Also, lol, the first one was totally me at that age, as I have said eighty times.

  6. I’m sorry, but no one will ever be as good as the 4th Anna, ably played by Tom Baker.

  7. takinthelongway

    You were pretty awesome at the end of high school. Those were interesting times.

    Miss you.

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