A Stranger is Just a Creep!

Here is me and my pal Emma on the bus! Not pictured: The older gentleman sitting directly across from us the whole bus ride. Staring. And staring. And touching my new window fan with the toe of his foot again and again as if to stop it from falling, which it was not doing, until I looked over at him.

Also not pictured: The not-pictured gentleman laying his hand on and then squeezing my thigh as he walked past me just moments before!

Also not pictured: His wise old come hither smile!

Also not pictured: His wry, finger-waggling wave of farewell as we got off the bus in town!

Also not pictured: Good times!


5 responses to “A Stranger is Just a Creep!

  1. If I saw this picture in The World, my response would not have been this stranger’s response!

  2. Oh, misery. Enhanced by a creepy weirdo. He seemed so very pleased with himself!

  3. This picture conveys the appropriate emotions very well. And I like the last line.

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