Huntress! Trapper! Picture-Snapper!

Here’s a hobby I’ve had since before I can remember: ANIMAL CATCHING!

Highlights of my career:

Upon my chest I bear a thin white scar in the shape of a T. The T stands for The Best Animal Trapper Around. I got it when I was a toddler, from catching a feral cat and hugging it, just like the infant Davey Crockett and his bar [sic]. Except I didn’t kill the cat I guess.

One of my earliest memories is that of catching a bumblebee off a flower, and of the bee stinging my tiny fat palm and then of it dying before my eyes. How sad I was.

I caught a mouse in a jar by putting a peanut butter cracker on the floor and crouching on a chair with the jar raised over my head for half an hour or so until the mouse came to eat the cracker. I was older at this point, and no parties were harmed.

I have caught just dozens and dozens of  frogs, including a gross mutant frog that creeped me out!

I caught a mole! I dug up the earth, strew (can strewn be used this way?) it with worms, and kneeled statue-like before the place for an hour or so, wearing thick work gloves. No one was as surprised as me that it worked! Moles are super strong; Tupperware is a little stronger.

I caught a feral kitten that bit me to hell and then I got the rabies series!

I have ALMOST caught four squirrels, but I’m not CRAZY. I chicken out at the moment of truth.

Other animals, too. But just so you know I am not lying, here are some close-ups of snakes I caught…on film!

Fun fact: I actually do have some fur trappers in my old family tree, so I’m told! Oui!

Fun clarification: I never keep or injure anything I catch, with the exception of the bee. I’m very careful with my quarry, if not with own safety! Keep your hands wet when dealing with amphibians, don’t rub butterflys’ wings, don’t tie a snake in a knot–basics!


6 responses to “Huntress! Trapper! Picture-Snapper!

  1. Wowowow! So many new stories! I never knew an Anna caught a bumblebee.

    My friend Anna is the bravest adventurer!

  2. My absolute favorite part of this story is Davey Crockett and his bar. Although I like the similarity of the mouse and mole stories! Such a patient huntress! You also caught a wolf spider in my room, but those aren’t real animals.

  3. I love the first snake picture! It’s peeking out! How long did you keep that mole before you released it?

  4. I like that the automatically generated related posts included both “Old Bear” stories!

  5. Hooray! You know what this means, right? We’re going to have to team up to catch all of the continent’s cryptids.

    And “strewn” IS in fact the past participle of the verb “to strew”.

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