I Hit an Owl with my Bike!


I hit an OWL with my BIKE!!!

I hope it is alright!

I was just biking along, doopa-doopa-doo when


OWL in the face!

I guess it is okay, because it, like, tumbled and then it kind of flew away into the night

It kind of scratched my shoulder a little bit with its talons, but I got Band-Aid and some Neosporin.

It wasn’t a cool owl like a barn owl (those are terrifying!)

Just, like, a plain owl.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if that actually happened??


4 responses to “I Hit an Owl with my Bike!

  1. Oh my God, I really hope it’s okay. A lot of owls are endangered these days. I don’t know what kind it is, but maybe we should go look for it when it’s light out. We might need to call a wildlife control person. Even though it looks a little scary.

  2. DO NOT go back and look for it! I heard that owls can actually spread diseases (not like rabies and stuff, I think, but other stuff), so you should be really careful. Who cares if the owl’s okay? It’s just a stupid owl.

  3. SCOTT. Anna has a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY, as the more intelligent of the two creatures involved in the crash, to see after the well-being of the owl. God gave us free will so we could name and care for the animals! They are our responsibility!

  4. Well now wait. DID this actually happen? The last line makes me doubt…

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