What is my greatest weakness? Fear. I am vastly strong. It is only fear, that most pitiable of human emotions (next to pity), that prevents me from exercising my strength to its fullest extent.

Example: Today I got myself a large cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts. It occurred to me how very easy it would be to crush the thing in my powerful grasp. And yet I did not! I feared it would scald my hand as it had scalded my tongue. I feared that it would get all over my clothes. That I would lose my coffee, and by extension the money I invested in that coffee. That I would lose the respect of my co-workers! Coward that I am, I could not crush a flimsy, defensless styrofoam cup on a mighty whim.

Perhaps some day I will be braver, bolder, and burnt.

Readers: What is YOUR weakness??


6 responses to “Weakness

  1. Only on that day can you call yourself a man.

  2. My weakness is memory. When I perform brave deeds akin to crushing a coffee cup, I remember how unpleasant the consequences were and that memory stops me from repeating me greatest feats.

    One day I will rid myself of memory completely.

  3. My weakness is hunger. It often distracts me from the most simple tasks. Would I like to write a novel? No, I would rather make myself a sandwich. Should I make that phone call I need to make? Not until I order pizza!

  4. I suppose my weakness is empathy! Specifically, empathy for myself. I can’t feel pain without feeling it. I mean really FEELING it. You know?

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