This is me, here, in the middle, soon after I got a concussion last month! It was foolish to have done so, but now I am all well. I am pictured with a couple of my best buds, LITERALLY supporting me in a time of need!

These guys are real! One of them even has a blog of his very own! He is the one on the right. Do you like D&D? (you should.) Would you like to like it? (you do.) Are you a DM? (yes you are!) 

Then check out: http://blogofholding.com/


3 responses to “Ow!

  1. This is a picture of sadness! But it is a very nice picture.

  2. Alex (aka Mr Jamison in that play we were in once)

    … is that an xkdc anti-raptor shirt? :)

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