A: How was the party?

B: Awkward? Weird.

A: That sucks.

B: Yeah, but I kind of expected it.

A: Mm.

B: Zoey was there.

A: Oh yeah?

B: I was surprised. I was kind of surprised that anyone came, really.

A: Well, you did, didn’t you?

B: Yeah, but still. I wouldn’t have expected many people to show up. I guess I’m glad they did—Beth has put her life and soul into that party for, like, weeks.

A: Sorry I couldn’t make it.

B: No you’re not. (pause) But that’s fine. (another pause) There was cake.

A: That’s weird. Was it good?

B: I know, right? It was okay.

A: How did, uh, whatsisname—

B: Maxwell.

A: How did Maxwell like your gift?

B: I don’t think he noticed it, really.

A: After you came to his birthday and everything? (he tuts)

B: Well, Beth seemed to have a good time. She’s going to put pictures up online tonight, she said. It’s cute, I guess. Really the party was for her. That’s why I went.

A: Clearly. (pause) You know, I hate to say it, Beth is a great friend, but Maxwell…

B: Mm.

A: Well, some day that cat’s going to die.


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