Strange but True!

So there was this girl I knew in high school who could always tell you exactly what time it was. Like, to the minute, every time, and there would be no clock in sight. Didn’t matter. It was crazy.

Well, this girl had these majorly bad abdominal cramps all the time and the doctors kind of thought it was just menstrual stuff, but it just got worse and worse, and they finally took her in for an x-ray, because, like, nothing they were giving her really helped, or didn’t help that much, at least.

So when the x-rays came back, it turned out that this girl had a WATCH in her stomach! And apparently it was a watch that she lost like three years ago and and she has NO MEMORY of eating it!! It was a waterproof watch.

So they did emergency surgery right away and took the watch out of her. …And she couldn’t tell you the time anymore like she used to!! It was bizarre! She kept guessing wrong, so now she has to wear a watch just like everyone else–on the OUTSIDE!


One response to “Strange but True!

  1. An oldie but a goody.

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